Tape Art Barcelona (Loop Fair)

This is the project done by students of Istituto Europeo di Design  Barcelona ( Berglind Jónsdóttir, Stepahnie Marie Praegal, Anna Kizub, Ying -li Peng, Randall Barriga, Zhamilya Dosmailova, Petra Smirova, Eva Rogeau and Teresa Ribas) with their Art Direction teacher (Vladimir Grcic)   for a Loop Fair (video art festival)


LOOP – THE PLACE FOR VIDEOART LOVERS is the annual meeting point in Barcelona for video art lovers around the world.

The platform takes the form of Festival + Fair + Conferences.

With the organizer of the Loop Video Art Festival we came up with a guerilla campaign promoting the festival with the concept of Tape Art.

With the help of a tape artist Fejzo Košir a project came to it’s real beauty

Video Crew: Maameri Djallil, Romina De Grote Arellano, Kristina Tatyanenko and Kutay Sengil

Official blog of the project is



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