Lovely Cross-Stitch Tattoos by Eva Krbdk


Ever had this warm, nostalgic feeling when seeing beautiful cross-stitch works?

If your answer is yes, (or even if it is no) than you would love the works of Eva Tunus known as Eva Krbdk, who is a tattoo artist from Turkey. She does a lot of beautiful types of tattoo but it was her cross-stitch style that caught my attention today. Her lovely designs are composed of small, x-shaped “stitches” that form an entire portrait or scene.

From cross-stitched foxes to stormtroopers, check it out for yourselves below.


Cross_Stitch_Tattoos_by_Eva_Krbdk2 Cross_Stitch_Tattoos_by_Eva_Krbdk_elephant Cross_Stitch_Tattoos_by_Eva_Krbdk

But as this is not the only style Eva is really good at doing, I will show some of her other tattoos I really liked.

evakrbdk-tattoo2 evakrbdk-tattoo3 evakrbdk-tattoo4

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