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White Ink Typographic Tattoos

I think white ink is one of the most controversial colors for tattoo,

It is technically a tattoo, but it looks more like a scar.

But to be honest that is exactly what I like about it,

It becomes  part of your skin without being a scar

white ink tattoo love life

eternity love white ink tattoo

white ink typographic tattoo live

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Typographic Tattoos 4

dreams are our escape from reality tattoo typography words

Dreams are our escape from reality

tattoo typography words


this too shall pass tattoo typography words

This too shall pass

love is louder  tattoo typography words

Love is louder <3

infinite  tattoo typography words


i rule typography words

I rule

exhale inhale  typography tattoo words

Inhale / Exhale

My eternal love i guess..can’t wait to have my own!

Loop Tape Art pictures

Loop Project Tape Art Barcelona

Seven Deadly Sins Bottle Design

The Spanish design agency Sidecar Publicidad has released a series of wine label designs for each of the seven deadly sins.Seven Deadly Sins Wines



lust bottle design, seven deadly sins


gluttony bottle design, seven deadly sins


greed, seven deadly sins bottle design


pride, seven deadly sins bottle design


Seven deadly sins bottle design sloth


Seven deadly sins bottle design, wrath

P.s The wines are from Rioja , good quality + nice design give a really good impact

Brian Dettmer’s Book Sculptures

Brian Dettmer Book sculpture

Brian Dettmer Book sculpture

Brian Dettmer Book sculpture

Brian Dettmer Book sculpture

Brian Dettmer's book sculptures

Brian Dettmer's book sculpturesBrian Dettmer's book sculptures

Brian Dettmer's book sculptures

The Book Surgeon

Using knives, tweezers and surgical tools, Brian Dettmer carves one page at a time. Nothing inside the out-of-date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books, or dictionaries is relocated or implanted, only removed.

Dettmer manipulates the pages and spines to form the shape of his sculptures. He also folds, bends, rolls, and stacks multiple books to create completely original sculptural forms.

My work is a collaboration with the existing material and its past creators and the completed pieces expose new relationships of the book’s internal elements exactly where they have been since their original conception,” he says.

“The richness and depth of the book is universally respected yet often undiscovered as the monopoly of the form and relevance of the information fades over time. The book’s intended function has decreased and the form remains linear in a non-linear world. By altering physical forms of information and shifting preconceived functions, new and unexpected roles emerge.”

Incubus. From Concept to Completion With Brandon Boyd


An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Brandon Boyd’s first-ever mural project. Our cameras were with Brandon through the entire process to provide a unique perspective of the artist, surfer, singer and activist’s first collaboration project with Hurley. Video: YB and Francisco Magana


He is so amazingly talented!

Cannes 64

cannes festival 64 official poster

So elegant