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Watercolor Flower Tattoos by Sasha Unisex

A new daily dose of beautiful art on skin.

Sasha Unisex is a tattoo artist from Moscow that has gained her worldwide popularity with her distinct and beautiful style of work. This amazing petite artist keeps her fans updated with an almost daily dose of watercolor on skin wonders through her Instagramm account @sashaunisex.

Sasha Unisex

Flower tattoos seem to be as old as the world, but one of my favourite tattoo artists seemed to take it to the next level with her signature watercolor tattoo technic.

Sasha Unisex tattoo + Sasha Tattooing

An amazing collaboration with another great tattoo artist based in Russia (also Sasha) Sasha Tattooing

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers pansies

Pansies by Sasha Unisex

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers peonies

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers poppies

Poppies by Sasha Unisex

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers rose

Rose by Sasha Unisex

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers

Peonies by Sasha Unisex ( I have a special love for peonies)

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers2

Peonies 2

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers3

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers4

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers5

Sasha Unisex tattoo flowers6

Will definetely leave a part of my skin for one of Sasha Unisex beautiful creations.

Hopefully she will have a some time for booking before I am old :)

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What is life without love?

Love is that amazing thing that keeps us moving. And this is pretty much what i think about it.

what is life without a purpose? what is purpose without love?

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White Ink Typographic Tattoos

I think white ink is one of the most controversial colors for tattoo,

It is technically a tattoo, but it looks more like a scar.

But to be honest that is exactly what I like about it,

It becomes  part of your skin without being a scar

white ink tattoo love life

eternity love white ink tattoo

white ink typographic tattoo live

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