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White Ink Typographic Tattoos

I think white ink is one of the most controversial colors for tattoo,

It is technically a tattoo, but it looks more like a scar.

But to be honest that is exactly what I like about it,

It becomes  part of your skin without being a scar

white ink tattoo love life

eternity love white ink tattoo

white ink typographic tattoo live

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Typographic Tattoos 4

dreams are our escape from reality tattoo typography words

Dreams are our escape from reality

tattoo typography words


this too shall pass tattoo typography words

This too shall pass

love is louder  tattoo typography words

Love is louder <3

infinite  tattoo typography words


i rule typography words

I rule

exhale inhale  typography tattoo words

Inhale / Exhale

My eternal love i guess..can’t wait to have my own!


life is hard so very beautiful quote design


Amazingly beautiful

Taking risks

do one thing every day that scares you


I have to start doing it.



wtf, what the fork?


Italian way


graphic design is what my mom says i do quote

My mom and dad don’t have a clue how to explain what is Art Direction:)

love them