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Hands playing butterfly // Tape Art Barceona

Another video from Frame the City Tape Art Barcelona Project:)


Loop Tape Art pictures

Loop Project Tape Art Barcelona

Tape Art Barcelona (Loop Fair)

This is the project done by students of Istituto Europeo di Design  Barcelona ( Berglind Jónsdóttir, Stepahnie Marie Praegal, Anna Kizub, Ying -li Peng, Randall Barriga, Zhamilya Dosmailova, Petra Smirova, Eva Rogeau and Teresa Ribas) with their Art Direction teacher (Vladimir Grcic)   for a Loop Fair (video art festival)

LOOP – THE PLACE FOR VIDEOART LOVERS is the annual meeting point in Barcelona for video art lovers around the world.

The platform takes the form of Festival + Fair + Conferences.

With the organizer of the Loop Video Art Festival we came up with a guerilla campaign promoting the festival with the concept of Tape Art.

With the help of a tape artist Fejzo Košir a project came to it’s real beauty

Video Crew: Maameri Djallil, Romina De Grote Arellano, Kristina Tatyanenko and Kutay Sengil

Official blog of the project is

Incubus. From Concept to Completion With Brandon Boyd


An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Brandon Boyd’s first-ever mural project. Our cameras were with Brandon through the entire process to provide a unique perspective of the artist, surfer, singer and activist’s first collaboration project with Hurley. Video: YB and Francisco Magana


He is so amazingly talented!

It’s not how good you are

it's not how good you are quote, text

There’s always this possibility to grow


Documentary and interview of street artists Supakitch and Koralie for the website of the markers brand POSCA (

Graffity in Russia/ From Russia with Love

Beautiful pieces of art

graffity, russia, scarf, color

Close up

Graffity, russia,scarf, girl, close up, creative



graffity, russia, scarf, beautiful, creative

Close up

Graffity, russia,scarf, girl, close up, creative


Graffity, russia,scarf, girl, creative


Close up

Graffity, russia,scarf, girl, close up, creative

From Russia with Love

Graffity in Barca <3

Graffity in Barca

(c) anya_diva


Cactus Graffity in Barcelona

(c) anya_diva

Graffity in Barcelona

(c) anya_diva

graffity in Barcelona

Had some fun taking pictures of graffiti while doing homework:)

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