Without struggle

without struggle there is no progress tattoo


Typographic Tattoos 4

dreams are our escape from reality tattoo typography words

Dreams are our escape from reality

tattoo typography words


this too shall pass tattoo typography words

This too shall pass

love is louder  tattoo typography words

Love is louder <3

infinite  tattoo typography words


i rule typography words

I rule

exhale inhale  typography tattoo words

Inhale / Exhale

My eternal love i guess..can’t wait to have my own!


2beMAG is a magazine for promoting raw talents, up-and-comers, and fresh new work.

The aim of the mag is to discover brands and talented

people who want to exhibit their work.

If you are a RAW talent and consider that you should be discovered, we invite you wherever you are to participate in our magazine 2beMAG.
Let everybody know who you are.
Be with us

2beMAG – это журнал об одаренных людях и новичках в мире моды и искусства.

Цель журнала – открытие и продвижение талантливых людей, которым хотелось бы показать свои работы миру. Таких людей мы называем RAW талантами. Если ты считаешь себя RAW талантом, присоединяйся к нашему движению и прими участие в нашем проекте! У 2beMAG нет территориальных

и временных ограничений, мы рады сотрудничеству с талантами со всего мира.

Расскажи миру о себе.

Будь с нами.


P.s I work there now:)


life is hard so very beautiful quote design


Amazingly beautiful

Taking risks

do one thing every day that scares you


I have to start doing it.



wtf, what the fork?


Italian way

Hands playing butterfly // Tape Art Barceona

Another video from Frame the City Tape Art Barcelona Project:)


graphic design is what my mom says i do quote

My mom and dad don’t have a clue how to explain what is Art Direction:)

love them